Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dear Parents,

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! Enjoy some time with family and friends! There will be no homework assigned this upcoming week so it would be helpful and beneficial to your child to have them read books from home, Raz Kids or the ones they checked out from the library, throughout the break.  

Important Dates:
  • Nov. 30: Holiday Luncheon for 1st grade (guests are invited to eat with students in cafeteria)
  • Dec. 22: No School for students
  • Dec. 25 - Jan 8: Winter Break/No School
  • Jan. 9: Students return to school

Our learning next week(after Thanksgiving)...
Math:  This week we continue exploring concepts in Geometry.  Students will be identifying, classifying and describing 3D shapes.  Students are continually reviewing addition and subtraction concepts in a problem solving format.

Science: This will be our final 
week on Rocks, Soil, and Bodies of Water. This week, students will focus on rocks and how they are useful to us. Students will explore the usefulness of rocks through the creation of bricks and other hands -on activities. The test over this unit will be on Friday.

Reading & Integrated Social Studies:  Using a variety of nonfiction text over customs and traditions students are going to continue to explore the features of nonfiction texts.  They will be learning about glossary, bolded words, diagrams, and maps.  

Writing: Students are going to continue developing their letter writing skills and learn about persuasive letters.  Throughout the week students will be writing various persuasive letters, trying to convince certain people they want or need something.  Students will also be faced with a big problem and will need to write a letter trying to explain why a very important school tool should not quit on them.  (This activity will go along with the book The Day The Crayons Quit.)

Thank you,
Mrs. Butler

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Dear Parents,

Important Dates:

  • Nov. 10: All School Assembly: Veterans Day (wear red, white and blue)
  • Nov. 14: 2nd and 3rd grade Thanksgiving meal in cafeteria with invited guests (1st grade will be eating in classroom to make room for guests of other grade levels; please do not join your 1st grader for lunch this day)
  • Nov. 20-24: Thanksgiving Break/No School
  • Nov. 30: Family Holiday Lunch for 1st and 4th

Our learning next week...
Math: This week we will explore concepts in geometry.  Students will identify (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, and hexagon), classify and describe 2D shapes (the number of sides, corners and if the sides are straight or curved).
Science: This week, we will continue our unit on Rocks, Soil, and Bodies of Water with a focus on Soil. Students were previously asked to bring in soil samples from home.  Students will explore the different soils in class throughout the week and discuss their properties (color, size texture, components). They will also compare and contrast the different types of soils.

Reading:  Using a variety of nonfiction books about different customs and traditions, students will learn that authors write stories to:
~Inform: Pass along information (facts) about a particular topic/subject. (nonfiction)
Students will also explore some features of nonfiction texts: captions, pictures, and labels.  

Writing:  We are bringing back letter writing!  Students will spend the next couple of weeks learning about parts of a letter, why letters are important and why people enjoy getting them.  Students will practice writing letters to various people of their choosing and discover how the content of letters changes depending on who they are writing to.

Thank you,
Mrs. Butler

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Dear Parents,

Today your child will be bringing home their data binder along with their 1st quarter report card.  Their data binder comes home every nine weeks with their report card in a gold envelope located in the inside pocket of the binder.  In the binder, each nine weeks grading period is separated by colored piece of paper that is labeled with the quarter.  Please review and discuss the common assessments with your child, but do not remove any of these work samples.  (I will return the entire binder to you at the end of the year.)  If you have any questions about what a 1, 2, 3, or 4 means on the report card, please refer to the grading guidelines tab on the 1st grade blog.  Please keep in mind, that most of the time, a 1 is given for a skill that was recently introduced and requires more practice and teacher guidance.  At this time of year, several students may have mostly 2’s. This indicates that a child is meeting expectations with minimal guidance and is progressing as expected as a learner.  
Please kindly return the data binder (with all its content) and signed report card envelope with your child by Monday. The report card, and other papers inside, is yours to keep.
Important Dates:
  • Nov. 3: Passport to Sommer  (5:30 to 8:30)
  • Nov. 8 Soil samples due for science class
  • Nov. 10 All School Assembly: Veterans Day (wear red, white, or blue please)
  • Nov. 20-24 Thanksgiving Break/No School
Our learning next week...
Math: We will continue our subtraction unit. Students will practice subtraction using strategies, movement, games and tools with numbers from 1-20. The students will also practice matching subtraction problems with subtraction number sentences. We will end the week with a test over doubles addition and subtraction.

Science: This week, we will begin our unit on rocks, soil, and bodies of water. Students will learn and make observations about different bodies of water and discuss how water is useful to us. We will also explore the different sources of water in the state of Texas.  Soon we will start our unit on soil.  Please send in a soil sample in the bag that was sent home today.  (Please do not send any mud.)  All soil samples are due by 11-8-17.

Reading with Integrated Social Studies:  Using a variety of books from different genres and about different customs and traditions, students will learn that authors write stories to:
~ Entertain: Just tell a good story that may be sad, funny, scary, etc.
~ Persuade: Convince a reader to think a certain way about a particular topic/subject/idea.  

Writing:  Students will continue working on their “How-To” they started last week.  This week’s focus will  be on revising, editing, and adding needed illustrations to ensure that their “How-To’s” are clear and easy for others to follow.
Thank you,
Mrs. Butler

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dear Parents,

Important Dates:
  • October 30: Free Flu Shot Clinic 
  • October 31: Dress up as favorite book character
  • November 2: TAG Information meeting with parents - 5:45-6:45 
  • November 3: Fall Picture Retakes
  • November 3: Passport to Sommer (Information was sent home)
  • November 20 - 24: Thanksgiving Break! 
Our learning next week...
Math: Students will be introduced to subtraction using strategies, movement, games and tools with numbers from 1-20. The students will practice subtraction problems identifying subtraction words to describe what is happening in the math story. Students will also learn how to write subtraction number sentences.

Science:  Students will continue to explore magnetism and patterns of movement. We will have a variety of hands on activities and experiments to reinforce learning, including magnetic bowling, testing magnet strength using paperclips, and Willy the Worm (using magnets to make a “worm” move through a maze in different movement patterns).

Reading & Integrated Social Studies:  Students will be continuing to explore different types of questions that we use during reading.  We will learn that there are two types of questions “thin” (simple; very short answer like ‘yes’ or ‘no’) and “thick” (require reader to think deeply about what they read).  Students will also explore calendars as a tool to measure time and how we are able to ask those “thin” questions about what is happening.  We will also explore how these questions can also be asked about not only stories, but about pictures as well.

Writing: Students will select something they know how to do or make well and generate steps (instructions), teaching someone how to do what they have selected.  Students will be learning what it takes to write a “How-To” book and how missing details (or adding something not needed) can make or break something turning out the way it is intended to.

Honor Wall Pictures Needed
Sommer Elementary would like to invite our active duty, retired, or reserve service members to join us in honoring our Nation’s Heroes at our Veteran’ Day Assembly on November 10th, 2017 at 7:35am. coffee and Snacks will be available for our special guests following the assembly in the library. If possible, please fill out and submit this RSVP.

We will also be putting up our Honor Wall again this year. Please attach a COPY of your Veterans picture to the appropriate ½ page on THIS form. We ask that you DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL copies of pictures as they will be on display and children will be looking and touching them. The Deadline to turn in Photos for the Veterans Wall is Tuesday, November 7th. If you still have your picture from previous years, please feel free to send it back in!

Thank you,
Mrs. Butler

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dear Parents,

Important Dates:

  • October 16 - 27: Stuff the Boots! Fall Fundraiser through PTA.  
  • Oct. 19 -Oct. 24: Book Fair
  • October 20: PTA Movie Night and Book Fair is open late
  • Oct. 23-Oct. 27: Red Ribbon Week *** See below
  • October 30: Free Flu Shot Clinic
  • October 31: Dress up as favorite book character

Monday - "I'm a JEAN-ius! No drugs for me!" - wear jeans and red tops
Tuesday - "SOCK it to drugs!" - wear crazy socks
Wednesday - "TEAM up against drugs!" - wear their favorite sports shirt or a Sommer t-shirt
Thursday - "Say PEACE OUT to Drugs!" - wear tie dye and peace signs
Friday - "Let's be CRAZY about being drug free!" - have crazy hair

Our learning next week...
Math: Students will introduced to double facts and double plus one strategies. They will practice addition facts using doubles up to 9.  This week’s spiral review will focus on reviewing 2D shapes based on the Kindergarten TEKS.

Science:  This week, we will begin our unit on Magnets and Patterns of Movement. Students will learn about how magnets can push or pull certain objects through hands-on activities and exploration.

Reading & Integrated Social Studies:  Students will explore how forming questions as they read helps them create a stronger meaning of what they are reading.  They will be introduced to four different types of questions that can be made while reading both fiction and nonfiction.  The types of questions include:
  • Questions that are answered in text (already done)
  • Questions that are answered from your background knowledge
  • Questions whose answers can be inferred from the text
  • Questions that can be answered by having a discussion with others
Questioning will be explore through the use of a variety of text.

Writing: This week’s writing focus will be on pronouns, transition words, and adverbs (as indicators of time).  Students will spend time looking at how pronouns can be used in their writing in place of a noun when it has already been introduced.  They will be using pronouns like: he, she, them, we, I, her, his, they, etc.  Students will also gain an understanding of how using transition words (first, second, next, then, finally, etc.) in their writing helps show the passing of time and the order in which events take place.  Throughout the week there is be various activities giving students opportunities to hear and see how each of these concepts are used within writings so they are able to apply them to their own.

Stuff The Boot PTA Fundraiser:
This is the biggest fundraiser our PTA does all year and is all for the benefit for our school and kiddos!  Our class goal is to raise $628.57.  There are treats and surprises along the way for the classes that raise the most money that I know our class would greatly enjoy.  More information can be found on our school’s PTA website and that is also where online donations can be made.  There are many employers that will match donations, up to a certain amount, that families make.  Thank to everyone in advance for your support for our school and kids!
Coins for Coats Fundraiser:
Coins for Coats in a fundraiser put on by our library as a way to help raise money to buy coats for other kiddos who may not have a warm coat to wear when the colder months come.  This year’s dates are:  October 25, 26, and 27.  The class with the most collected funds at the K-2 level and 3-5 level will win an assortment of books pulled from the book fair for your classroom library!  Our goal this year is at least $10 from each classroom.  Please have your child bring in their coins so that we are able to help others stay warm this winter.  

Thank you,
Mrs. Butler